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Strong Writer? Paid Tutoring Job for Undergrad this Academic Year


JOB TITLE: Tutor at The Online Composition Hub at The Division of Continuing
Education at CU Boulder







The Online Composition Hub (www.composition.colorado.edu) is an online multiliteracies center
at The Division of Continuing Education at CU Boulder. This service is an online writing center
that helps students with a wide range of compositions, from traditional academic essays to 21st
century digital assignments, such as videos, visual presentations, blogs, etc. We are seeking to
hire one (1) undergraduate student tutor to work beginning Monday, Aug. 25th through the
following academic year until May 2015. Pay will be hourly as a $10/hr standard student
appointment during the semester at 10 hrs/week.
An undergraduate tutor for this program will:
● Complete first week training and participate in additional supplemental training activities
as necessary
● Feel that s/he is a strong writer
● Attend regular professional development meetings and check-in meetings with the
● Have consistent access to a high-speed internet connection on a computer that has a
working web camera
● Have knowledge about Google Drive/Docs, Google Hangouts and Skype, and a strong
willingness to learn other digital skills on other programs through training
Preferred, but not required:
● Have taken at least one class that provides background on theories of teaching and
learning, especially pedagogy of writing tutoring and writing center work
● Have worked one-on-one with other undergraduate students in a tutor role
● Excelled in a leadership position in another capacity (job, volunteer position, etc.)
The successful applicant will meet the above qualifications and should submit an updated
resume (as a pdf) and a cover letter (as a pdf) directly to the Online Composition Hub
Coordinator, Alaina Feltenberger, at Alaina.Feltenberger@Colorado.edu. In your cover letter,
please briefly discuss your experience with tutoring, your attitudes about writing, and why you
think you would be a good candidate for this position.
Please send your resume, cover letter, and the contact information for at least two
professional or academic references who can speak to your strengths as a writer, tutor
or employee.
Please use “APPLICATION: Your Name” as the subject of your application email.
Applications will be accepted immediately until Friday, August 18th, 2014.